This 15-Year-Old Brutally Murdered Her 9-Year-Old Neighbor

Alyssa strangled the nine-year-old, slit her throat and proceeded to stab her in the chest multiple times.

Left: Alyssa Bustamante, notorious teen murderer; Right: Elizabeth Holten, Victim. Source: YouTube

Life of the notorious 15-year-old murderer

Screen capture of the video uploaded on Alyssa’s YouTube channel in which she’s seen coaxing her young brothers into touching an electric fence. Source: ABC news
Disturbing images of Alyssa found during investigations. Multiple self inflicted cuts can be seen on her wrist. Source:

Elizabeth Olten, a life cut short

The unfortunate night

The hunt for the murderer of St Martin’s sweetheart

Picture of Alyssa’s journal entry of 9th October. Source: True Crime Daily

Disturbing confession of the teen killer, describes it as “ahmazing”

Trial and sentencing

Alyssa Bustamante, 15, walking into the courtroom during her trial. Source: Flickr

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