An attractive sugar baby, an NFL player, and a multimillionaire, here’s the story of Orange County’s deadly love triangle.

It was November 15th, 1994, when the Newport Beach Sheriff’s department received a call from a distraught man, screaming about someone getting shot. Soon after, a medical emergency team was dispatched to the location of the call. It was in an upscale gated community, often labeled as one of California’s…

The promising 25-year-old man’s disappearance is yet another case of police racism against African Americans.

Jelani Day disappeared on August 24, 2021. His death was initially declared free of suspicion. Many disagreed. Many wondered if the reaction would’ve been the same if Jelani was white. They were right in doing so- as was soon uncovered, a lot of the case didn’t add up.

Clay Waller thought it better to kill his wife than to accept a long-overdue divorce.

39-year-old Jacque Waller, an inhabitant of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, met a cruel end on June 1, 2011. A mother of triplets who was finally getting out of a toxic marriage paid the price of exercising her right. Jacque’s family was devastated, and her 5-year-old triplets were forever deprived of the…

The British backpacker was murdered by her Tinder date in a blood-stained hotel room.

During a backpacking trip in Auckland, Grace Millane, 21, suddenly disappeared on December 1st, 2018. After a missing person report, some distressing CCTV footage revealed the tragic truth behind her untimely demise.

Much Awaited Backpacking Trip

Killed by an ice prick in her head and a candle in her vagina — the killer was caught after 44 years

After a heated argument with her husband, Arlis Perry went to the Stanford Memorial Church to calm down on 12th October 1974, but she did not return home that night. Her husband reported his wife missing to the authorities. However, she was found the following morning at the Church, murdered…

The revolting case of the seemingly normal French sisters

Deprived of a stable home, the mother forced the Papin sisters to work as maids for the aristocracy. One couldn’t notice the symptoms of psychological disorders, yet the question remains, what drove them to gouge out the eyes of their masters? Was the cause class discrimination? …

A brutal series of execution methods dating back to ancient civilizations

As socio-political circumstances and religions evolve through the centuries, so does the concept of morality. One of the most popular ways to instill morality in the citizens is to establish a deterrent that prevents people from committing those crimes…

A story about a brutal murder that left the LGBTQ Community devastated

Intolerance is something that has become a dominant trait among many people. Whether it is towards other peoples’ opinions, their gender, or sexual identity, intolerance makes its way through these delicate strains that don’t allow many people to…

Murders & Mysteries

Crime cases keep me up at night.

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